Not a huge fan of One Direction or Zayn Malik, but MAJOR respect for this man right here:


Hoping that he wont delete it like Rihanna, or apologize for it like John Kerry.


Why it matters: celebrities can help the cause by bringing it to the attention of the media and their followers, because right now: mainstream media is refusing to report the thousands of protests going on around the world against this heinous crime and refuses to report the crime itselfBBC, CNN, etc. are all keeping their viewers in the dark,allowing the government to drain them of their valuable tax money sent to Israel in the form of aid to assist this genocide. The money that you desperately need for the thousands of homeless people, poverty, skyrocketing college fees, environmental crises are sent to assist inthe killing of over a THOUSAND Palestinians out of which above FOUR HUNDRED are CHILDREN.

People NEED to know about this so that they can pressurize their governments to STOP funding Israel and spend their valuable money on their own people.

For more information on the Gaza issue, read:
Or feel free to message me.

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@williedevine84: Guess who went on the Harry Potter studio tour today…?!

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i bet harry’s one of those people who’s naturally warmer than everyone else and just standing near him makes you feel warm and comfortable he’s just like a human furnace of affection

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2012/2013 SUMMED UP

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@Harry_Styles: Creepy doll.

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One Direction: A Résumé 

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One Direction: Element

  • Niall as Air

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'This isn't the last of  O n e  D i r e c t i o n’

Happy 4 Years One Direction! {July 23,2010}

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